Posted by: theindusnetwork | November 29, 2010

Nov Edition: Hello Special: Just published!

November Edition is now available to entertain, edutain and enrich you. In this edition we have hand picked contents around “Hello” theme. This issue contains brain ticklers, short story, songs, thought nuggets and health related contents in text, audio and video format. You will enjoy!

Enjoy this edition at


In this edition:

* Editor’s Desk- We need more World Hello days!
* Say Hello to the world- Test your Hello skills in many languages
* Cellphone and Cancer: the debate goes on …- Cellphone health risk awareness
* Children and Cellphones- Is it safe?
* Hello- English song picks
* Tale of Telephone …- short tale
* Seriously Funny – Yes, it is humorous
– Watch the video”Beware of what you are speaking and where you are spaking!”
– Read the humor, “Hello UFO”
* Surfboard – Our Internet picks for you- Read the thought, “Say hello to your best friends”
* Tamil Picks- Tamil songs – Hello theme
– Tamil poem pick – “Hello Solluvom”
* Readers feedback on Oct Energy edition
– For those curious minds
* Your feedback – It is your turn! Send your feedback.
* Our Next Issue- Submit your creation
* Enjoy our World Hello day humor across the edition under the “Hello” category!
– Talk is cheap!
– Long distance, Wrong Number – No problem
– Dinner? I will be right over…
– Wrong Number?
– What is the time?
– Where were you at the time of the accident!
– You have phone, right?
* Our Additional Bonus Videos:
– Phone Etiquette!
– Future Hello – 2010 to 2014

Have fun reading, sharing and recommending the magazine to your friends network!



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