Posted by: theindusnetwork | October 26, 2010

Oct Edition: Energy special: Just published!

Dear readers,

Thank you for the 2.3 million kilobytes of download during last month and your continuous support for this eMagazine.

October Edition is now available to entertain, edutain and enrich you. In this edition we have hand picked contents around “Energy” theme, added humor with “Boss” theme while relieving your “trick or treat” season with “Halloween” theme songs.This issue contains brain ticklers, short story, songs, thought nuggets and health related contents in text, audio and video format. You will enjoy and will be energized!

Enjoy this edition at

In this edition:
* Editor’s Desk  – Planet Gliese 581g: the new earth: Ready to move?
* Saving Energy: How Savvy you are?       – Test your Energy IQ
* Secret of our Energy       – Ways to boost your energy
* Energy drinks   – Is it safe?
* Boo! Halloween Song Picks  – English song picks
* Missing …  – short story
* Seriously Funny   – Yes, it is humorous
– “Bosses Beware!”
– “Boss is always right
* Surfboard  – Our Internet picks for you
– “50/50!”
– “Who is hindering your growth?
* Tamil Picks   – Tamil songs – 5 Energy forms (panchabootha(m))-Land,Air,Water,Space,Fire)
* Tamil poem pick – “Sakthi”
* Readers feedback on Sep Positive thinking edition   – For those curious minds
* Your feedback  – It is your turn! Send your feedback.
* Our Next Issue  – Submit your creation
* Enjoy our Boss’s day humor and thoughts across the edition under the “Happy Boss’s day” category!
– Direction of growth
– Greedy Boss?
– Life after death!
– It took an hour?
– Who are your talking to?
– You must be a manager!
– How long you do your best at work
* Our Additional Bonus Videos:
– Alternate Energy: Future Travel: Bubbles and Beams!
– Simple Energy saving tips!

Have fun reading, sharing and recommending the magazine to your friends network! Do not forget to subscribe for the future issues and write your feedback to us!
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