Posted by: theindusnetwork | May 24, 2010

May Edition: Flowers Special: Just published

May Flowers special

May Flowers special

“theIndUS Network eMagazine” is a monthly internet magazine containing ‘hand-picked’ stories, poems, factoids to
“entertain” and “edutain” the US Indian, Non Resident Indian and Indian community readers.
In this May edition we have hand picked contents around “Flowers” theme and provided special coverage for “Mothers
day”. “Teacher’s Appreciation Week” and “Stroke Awareness”. As always we are confident that you will enjoy our
You can pick up this edition at
In this edition:
* Editor’s Desk
May Flowers
* Strike the stroke before the Stroke strikes you
Stroke Awareness Month
* Language of Roses
How well can you speak?
* Value of Mom?
How much her annual salary should be?
* Mother’s Love
How else to describe?
* It slowly sprung to prominence …
Story-part 3
* Mother’s day gift: What a mom really wants?
Short story
* Surfboard
Our Internet picks for you – “Birthday” quote and “Burnt Toast”
* Flowers Tamil Picks
Tamil songs, Tamil Poems
* Readers feedback on April Showers edition
For those curious minds
* Your feedback
It is your turn! Send your feedback.
* Our Next Issue
Submit your creation
Have fun reading and happy forwarding and sharing! Do not forget to subscribe for the future issues!

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